Delphi Accounting and Consulting

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services encompass a large range of services that are tailored for each client. These services are generally performed by more junior staff accountants so can be provided at lower cost. However, we ensure that all bookkeeping is managed and reviewed by more senior accountants to ensure accuracy and proper recording under the accounting rules. Bookkeeping services may include any of the following services (not all-inclusive):

  • Setting up the general ledger in QuickBooks or other accounting system
  • Posting checks and deposits to the accounting system
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Preparing checks for payment
  • Preparing customer purchase orders and invoices
  • Posting vendor invoices to the accounting system
  • Preparing and filing B&O and sales tax reports
  • Preparing recurring payroll
  • Filing payroll tax reports
  • Issuing and filing 1099's at the end of each year
  • Issuing and filing W-2's at the end of each year 

Some of our clients don't require day to day bookkeeping assistance as they may either have a part-time bookkeeper or one of the founders does the bookkeeping. For these types of clients, we act as their outside "eyes" to ensure that their bookkeeping is being done correctly, and that the financial statements being generated by QuickBooks are correct.  

The most common form of this type of arrangement is to have us come in and do the monthly bank reconciliation and to ensure the general ledger accounts are posted correctly to the QuickBooks financial statements in the format requested by management. This may only be one to two hours a month of work, but provides significant value to the business owner who needs to provide financial statements to investors, board members, or to the other owners.

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