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Delphi Accounting and Consulting was established in 2008 to fill a gap in the accounting services sector in the Puget Sound region. There are many small bookkeeping and tax firms, and there are many small to large CPA firms. Due to clearly defined independence rules, CPA firms are not allowed to provide bookkeeping or certain consulting services to their clients. They must either refer their clients to another CPA firm, which they would prefer not to do, or refer them to a non-competitive bookkeeping firm.

Unlike most bookkeeping firms, we bring years of technical accounting expertise to our clients. Our services range from the most basic bookkeeping to the highest level of strategic consulting. Whether it is complex revenue recognition issues, or preparing the accounting records and financial statements for an outside audit, we are able to provide these services at very reasonable rates.

Delphi is not a CPA firm. We do not perform audits or reviews. We are able to provide full bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients, as well as a full range of consulting services. As trusted advisors to our clients, we can strategize with them to develop their business plans and projections, we can establish and monitor their internal financial controls, and we can scrutinize and assist in the management of their cash flow.  In other words, we can do most everything except assurance or attest engagements. And, we can do it at a cost that is significantly less than charged by the larger CPA firms.


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